Your 1st Massage is $49 to give us a try – then $79
Memberships Start at $50 a Month
With Additional Massages Only $39
And there No Initiation Fees like other places charge.  Plus unused massages roll over with us.


See you under the SUN


We have Two


Who are





We are a “MOM SHOP.”  What makes us different?

Smaller boutique spas offer a personalized experience from the moment you walk through the door.
Mom shops care about you – yes, you.
It’s an economically, morally smart move.
They give your city character.
You guessed it: bigger isn’t always better.
Privately-owned spas not only offer character and a unique experience, but they also embody that “make yourself at home” atmosphere.  And that’s exactly what many people these days are looking for – a home away from home where you’re cared for!

You’re more than just a number with us; you’re family.

Specialty Boutique Spa Offering:

*RainDrop Therapy with Young Living Oils
*Golfer’s Massage
*Half Day at the Spa Packages
*Bridal, Office, Birthday & GNO Parties
*4-Hand Massage with 2 Therapists
*Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
*Couples Massage Class

* As well as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal & Sports

Membership Explained:

You’re billed on the 30th of the month for the upcoming month. There’s no initiation fees and no banking fees, like some places charge. So what you’re paying for – is for your monthly massage. Then you just call us that month when you’re ready for your monthly visit. If you can’t come one month because you’re too busy with the kids, work, etc, it rolls over to the next month; unlike some places where you loose it. Not here; we don’t penalize our members. And if you want more than one massage a month, a 60 minute is $39 and a 90 minute is $59. The membership is for 12 months and then it’s month to month until you give us 30 days cancellation notice. We have some clients who’ve been with us for over 4 years now. We’re a happy family and would love you to join us!


4 Hand Massage
(2 Therapist working on you together)
My experience of 4-handed body massage is a must read! … Getting a massage by two massage therapists at once, wow! … (I knew) This was going to be amazing! … While I was laying on my back with my eyes closed and the quiet music playing,  Stephanie started massaging my neck and Cassie started at my feet. It was a little “weird” at first as my brain was trying to figure out which one to focus on. After a few minutes I simply was able to just fall into a relaxed state. Surprisingly to me, both therapists were equal in their massage intensity and I found the massage to be very balanced.  When Cassie was at my feet, Stephanie was my shoulders… Halfway through I rolled on to my stomach and experienced pure relaxation. Part of me wanted to fall asleep.  I could have so easily, but I wanted to be able to appreciate how everything was feeling by staying awake… I plan on going back for this massage again. For one reason it was amazing, but for another reason, I now know what to expect. While I was having this massage for the first time, I was thinking what are they going to do next, I wonder how long they’ll massage my head, I wonder if they’ll be massaging my hands again. Next time, I’ll just lay there and be relaxed cause I know it’s just going to be darn good. ~ from Kimberly
JULY SPECIAL:  60 Minute 4-Hand Massage $99


Click here to see our Monthly Specials



The best modality of massage to help detoxify is RainDrop Therapy Massage with Young Living Oils.

This technique is designed to align your body structurally and electrically. At the beginning of your massage, carefully selected essential oils are dropped like rain onto reflexology points of the back and insides of the feet.

These oils are gently massaged into these areas where they work to align and detoxify the spine and back tissues while a warm towel is placed on your back.

Truly amazing and intense- these oils heat up to kill bacteria and viruses along the spine.

60 Minute RainDrop Therapy Massage
with Young Living Oils: $85
Are you looking for a truly unique party to host?  Let us help!
GirlsSpaPartyA Private, fun-filled place to come with your girlfriends to party and get fabulous spa services at a great price!

Bridal Parties, Baby Showers, Bachelorette, Birthday, Corporate Events, Sweet Sixteen, Tween, Mild-stone birthdays (20, 25, 40, 50, etc) Parties, Summer Get-Togethers…

We have experience with private Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Tween Parties, GNO’s, 2 couples even got engaged here during our Couples Massage!  (Both women said “yes”) 

Put your party in our hands.

You choose the date and services and we’ll do the rest.   The entire spa will be open exclusively to you and your friends. Bring your own refreshments, a minimum of 3 friends and come enjoy a day or evening at our spa.

Services Available At Spa Parties:

(Each guest must choose a minimum of 3 services from service list below)

60 Minute Massage $49

30 Minute Express Facial with Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage $40

30 Minute Foot Scrub & Foot Massage with Stones $40

15 Minute Lavender Foot Bath Soak $18

 30 Minute Back Scrub $40

GirlsGNOPartyUpgrades in addition to the 3 service minimum:

$39 for additional Massage time – to 90 Minutes

$15 for 60 Minute Deep Tissue

$22 for 90 Minute Deep Tissue

$5 for Aromatherapy added in lotion during Massage

$15 for 4 Hot Stones added to Massage

 Need help?  Custom party planning is available…  We can provide food & drinks for 3-5 people per serving:

Cake $20 * Fruit Tray $16 * Veggie Tray $20 * Meat & Cracker Tray $22 * Bottle of Wine $20 * 2 Soft Drinks in 2 liters $3 * Shirley Temples (non-alcohol) Pitcher $10

GirlParty-youngWe ask that the following requirements are met for all spa parties:

  • To “save the date,” all parties are required to secure it with a $30 rental/decor fee. This fee is non-refundable. We will require the service list a week before the party.
  • We require that all attendees choose a minimum of 3 services for their spa party.
  • A 20% gratuity charge will be added to the total bill for parties.
  • 50% of the party/spa services are due 1 week before and is are non-refundable.
  • Once you have selected your spa services, we are unable to allow changes at the time of the event. This avoids confusion and under staffing for your event.
  • ENJOY !!! Have a fun filled spa experience with your friends !!!

Want to make your PARTY even more special? 

Add a Wine Tasting with a Napa Valley wine consultant for a guided tour of flavors.  $58 gets you and your friends over $150 value in wines, plus 1.5 hour wine lesson as he takes you through the flavors.  Or have a Wine Pouring with a Napa Valley wine consultant for the cost of the wines you drink.  He’ll be on hand to pour for you and your friends.  Provided by: PourAndExplore.


Let us take you to the islands this Summer ~ relax with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi by the owner, Leigh, and our evening therapist, Raulislandhands


More of your body is uncovered during this massage than during a typical Swedish or deep tissue massage. That’s because therapists rarely massage one body part at a time. Instead, they move in long flowing motions that, for example, may start at the top of your shoulder and go all the way to your foot. We use the traditional practice of draping in Lomi, which is the therapist uses no sheets, however covering your private parts with small towels.  You will be covered the entire time.

Lomi is best known for long, flowing, dance-like strokes, often using the forearms and generous amounts of oil.  Oil is removed with hot towels at the end of the session.  Both massaging two areas at the same time and the long flowing strokes are believed to promote harmony and balance in your body. Traditional Lomi always includes abdominal massage because Hawaiian tradition considers the colon part of a person’s soul or heart.

Benefits of Lomi:Lomi.hands

The physical benefits of this massage are the same as other types of massage in terms of relaxing muscles, promoting circulation and releasing blocked energy. The difference lies in the Hawaiian traditions woven into the massage, including the belief that “loving hands” help you release not only physical tension but also mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

Individual 60 Minute $119

Individual 90 Minute $184

Couples 60 Minute $234

Individual 60 Minute 4-Hand (with 2 therapists-male/female team) $199

Competitive Prices

Massage is more than a luxury… it’s a vital part of self care. With the current economic times, you may be tempted to tighten your budget and skip massage. However, now more than ever, massage plays a vital role in reducing the stress in your life. Touch, more than any other sense, makes us humans feel more, well …. HUMAN.

Our muscles get knotted up from everyday tension and stress; that doesn’t even begin to take into account repetitive motion issues and injuries that need to be worked on or chronic pain will set in. Let our experienced licensed massage therapists help you move better; feel better.

If you check our competitors, you’ll find one thing… our prices are competitive. And our reputation and our quality is better. We’ve been here a long time – over 4 years.  Just won BEST SPA of 2015.  We want to be your locally owned, family spa with simple American prices. Come check us out and see the difference… feel the difference.

Relaxing Environment

Welcome to Venetian Sun Massage! Designed as a place to escape the worries of the world. We hope you’ll visit us when you’re in need of a “stay-cation.”  Located in the heart of Flower Mound and easily accessible from Lewisville, Highland Village and Grapevine. We’re in the Sprouts Shopping Center facing Morriss Road.

My staff has over 50 years of combined experience and has been with me from 6 months to over 3 years. We treat our clients like family and can’t wait to see them on their next visit. When you arrive, you are over come with a praiseworthy space and the caring, talented people who are here to pamper you.  So much better than the “chain spas.”  Whether you are looking for Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Couples Massage, a Facial, Chocolate Mask, or just want your feet massaged, we are here to spoil YOU rotten! Come check out our Local Business atmosphere!  Just won BEST SPA for 2015.


Please help me welcome my new wine partner, PourAndExplore, locally owned and operated by Larry Chambers.  Larry works with a Napa Valley winery, WINESHOP AT HOME, and markets their award winning, limited production, artisan wines through in-home or office wine tastings. These fun and educational wine events allow you to try before you buy. The world is their vineyard and they select only the finest grapes to create their premium wines.

Larry says, Allow me to bring the Wine Country to you, in the comfort of your home or office, with your family, friends or co-workers.  I provide guided, in-home or office, wine tastings for up to 14 guests.  We pour and explore premium, handcrafted, artisan, Napa Valley wines and other wines from around the world and pair them with simple appetizers.”

I am happy to announce that the complimentary wine servings that I provide when you come to Venetian Sun Message, will be provided by PourAndExplore.  We will also advertise seasonal wine specials. Please visit his website, www.PourAndExplore.com, or contact him at 469-964-3880.