Competitive Prices

Massage is more than a luxury… it’s a vital part of self care. With the current economic times, you may be tempted to tighten your budget and skip massage.

However, now more than ever massage plays a vital role in reducing the stress life places upon us. Touch, more than any other sense, makes us humans feel, well HUMAN.

Our muscles get knotted up from everyday tension, aches and repetitive motion. Let our experienced, incredible licensed massage therapists help you move better; feel better. If you check our competitors, you’ll find one thing…even though our prices are lower, or reputation and quality is higher.

Relaxing Environment

Welcome to Venetian Sun Massage: a place for balance and harmony. A place where we choose to be happy in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village, and Grapevine conveniently located in the Sprouts Shopping Center in Flower Mound.

As you unwind in the qualified hands of the Venetian Sun Team, rest assured that your level of massage will be unmatched from any place on Earth you’ve been before. If you walk around like a “Roman statue,” let our Venetian Sun Team help break down those aches and pains and allow you to relax bringing you back to the balance the body needs.

Have a complimentary beverage during your short wait: water, wine or a Texas beer, then experience escape….if only for an hour.

Perks for Members

When you’re a Member of Venetian Sun Massage, you get the royal treatment, like all of our clients, but in addition, you SAVE extra bucks! We have Sun, Venetian and Caesar Memberships which are 60 minute, 90 minute and 2-hour memberships (very affordable and recommended for everyone who wants to reduce the stress and pain in their lives).

We also have Couples, RainDrop Aromatherapy, 4-Hand Memberships even Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Memberships for clients who love that extra attention and pampering that only the Sun Team can give. When you’re a Venetian Sun Member, you receive an extra 20% off every time you visit us additional throughout the month.

You can also join our VIP Club just by texting the word VSUN to 71441. You automatically start saving on your health and enjoyment in life and will get weekly massage coupons texted to your phone.